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05. August 2014

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Arctic wedding eyes are just five steps away. READ.

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19. July 2014

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Arctic wedding eyes are just five steps away. READ.


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19. July 2014

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08. March 2014

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19. January 2014

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I'm really glad to hear that GD & TOP are still good friends. In 2013, they talked so little, it seemed that the wall between them. Thanks for your blog and for your answers! Can I ask ... Are there any funny or cute stories about GD & TOP?


Jiyong and TOP are very cute together, there are a lot of stories of them. When they were trainees, Jiyong used to sleep for very long, but TOP slept for even longer so the other members gave Jiyong the job to wake him up and it was very difficult, he had to shout so loudly that everyone on the street could hear him. There used to be a few wild cats outside the apartment of BIGBANG and they would not go away, once Jiyong came downstairs and looked at the cats and then TOP came and picked them up and began frightening him with them. I wrote about this before but once there were anti-fans outside YG saying bad things about Jiyong and TOP jumped out suddenly so they ran away. Whenever BIGBANG was going to take photos Jiyong would always check the other members’ clothes but he would always ask TOP if his hair looked good. A fan once saw the members outside and she ran to TOP, she had two ice creams and told TOP to choose one. TOP took both of them, later the fan saw him again and asked him to give one back to her. TOP said “I didn’t take it!” but then the fan saw Jiyong eating the other one. Once Jiyong and TOP went to a concert by 프리템포 and Jiyong was sick so he did not clap happily, then a fan saw TOP making strange faces and jumping around to make Jiyong laugh. Once they were in a lift and TOP kept pressing the buttons for each level so they went up really slowly and the rest of the members were annoyed. This is a story from a staff member, once they were preparing for a show and Jiyong could not stop laughing, then they discovered that he had painted TOP’s nails a gold color and they had to remove it before the show. There are stories of Jiyong pulling TOP around when he was drunk, when they were both drunk no one could control them. Jiyong used to call TOP “oppa” which is what Korean girls call older brothers, to act cute, and they are often seen shopping together and choosing clothes together. They are cute^^



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Inside of GD’s dirty mind

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Cory Monteith, Lea Michele Chemistry Evident On, Off Screen (the video from GMA everyone has asked for)

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